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Компания ABM Cloud ищет Data Scientist Engineer

20 Фев 2018 In: Uncategorized

Компания ABM Cloud ищет Data Scientist Engineer

· Experience in predictive modeling, machine learning, and data analytics techniques;

· Strong python knowledge, on the level of full ML pipeline: preprocessing and cleaning of data, model tuning, validation, interpretation of results, a/b tests. Pandas, sklearn, numpy is a must;

· Theoretical knowledge of linear algebra and algorithmic theory as well as practical experience of using machine learning models: classification and clustering algorithms, regressions and trees, understanding of recommender systems: collaborative filtering, content-based models, matrix factorization, deep learning approaches;

· Experience in the business environment working with large-scale, complex datasets. Good knowledge of SQL. Experience with Standard SQL and NoSQL would be a plus;

· Strong strategic, analytical and critical thinking skills; ability to break down complex problems and formulate plans;

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